Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Product Reviewed: Sephora by OPI, Meet Me at the Disco

This new polish is the PERFECT glitter polish!  A lot of glitter polishes are pretty stingy with the glitter, and leave nails looking relatively bare.  Not this pretty little polish!  Meet Me at the Disco delivers an opaque layer of sparkle in just one coat.  (I used two coats in the picture, in order to even out coat and add a little extra pizzazz).  Even with two coats, my at-home mani was dry in less than five minutes.  After a full day of work, not even a chip.  Best part is, this polish goes with everything--it has silver and iridescent flecks so it reflects a prismatic shine of all colors.  Absolute bling.

Tip:  Add Meet Me at the Disco to your existing by painting glitter only on your ring fingers.  It's a more subtle shine, and so trendy right now!

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